Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working Weekend

Nov. 21st

Today I am thankful for good roommates. I have been working allll weekend in preparation for going home, and I would have died had I been stuck at home alone. Instead, I have great roommates (and a pseudo-roommate) who make me laugh and make studying and reading not so bad afterall. 

Nov. 20th

Saturday I was thankful for good weather. Its been super nice out (50s haha) and it makes me happy. Although, I don't know how I feel about admitting that 50's is "nice", I think I've officially lived in the east coast for too long now. 

Nov. 19th.

Friday I was thankful for books. I had to buy some children's books for a baby shower, and had sooo much fun picking them out. There are so many cute ones that are out now, and of course, who can resist the oldies but goodies like Goodnight Moon? I wanted nothing more than to stay in Kramersbooks and find some good ones for me, but I was good, and went home instead. Definitely best part of my day! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

midweek recap

Nov. 18th

Thursday I was thankful for my students enthusiasm and participation in class. We started a unit on criminal law and juvenile justice, which they are soo excited about and really get into. One girl even brought in a news article that she found on her own and asked if we could read it talk about it! SO impressive. So, I am thankful for them, because they really made my day. 

Nov. 17th. 

Wednesday I was thankful for good tv. I finished this season of  Weeds and am glad that I have these little entertaining distractions. Next, I have to catch up with my 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family, and Glee.  i think this means I have some incentives for finals...

Also, I was very thankful that SDSU beat Gonzaga. I was up till 130 watching the game, which means I didn't go to sleep till after 2 and had 9am class the next morning. So, thank you State, because if you didn't win, I would not have been a happy camper. 

Nov. 16th. 

Tuesday I was thankful for yogurt covered pretzels. SOOOOO good. no explanation necessary, its just delish and made my day. Also, I'm thankful that I had a good registration time and was able to get the last spot in adoption law. Is it next semester yet? over this one. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update

Nov. 15th. 
Today, I am thankful that the California Supreme Court upheld a state law which allows illegal immigrants to qualify for instate tuition at universities if they attend 3 years at a CA high school, or graduated from a CA high school. It may be controversial, however, most of these students did not choose to come here illegally. They should not be punished for the choices of their parents. If they reside in the state, and call the state "home", then they should be able to receive in-state tuition. If these students were able to overcome so many obstacles and are eligible for college, they should be afforded the same opportunities as every other California high school student. 

Dreams should not be limited. They should have the ability to Fly as high as the Sky.

Nov. 14th. 
Sunday I was thankful for phone dates with best friends. Catchup sessions are so essential to me, and it was a fabulous way to end the day (even if as a result I only got a few hours of sleep).

Nov. 13th.

Saturday I was so thankful for the opportunity I have this year to teach Youth justice to DC high schoolers. Saturday was our Moot Court competition, which is where students argue their side of a case to 3 judges who can interrupt at any given time and ask questions. Our students did amazing, and one made it to the National Competition in Philadelphia in April. It was a wonderful day where I, along with my other partners was soo proud. 

I felt like I was watching the girls bloom before my very eyes.

Nov. 12th. 

Friday I was thankful for Tryst, a coffeehouse in Adams Morgan. It is a cute, chill place (with one very attractive server) that is much like Central Perk from Friends. It is a wonderful place to go do work, drink, and eat yummy food. 

Friday, November 12, 2010


Nov. 11th

..Comes with a Cost. Today I am oh so thankful for all the men and women who are currently serving and who have served in the military. Their sacrifices are priceless and appreciated by all. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

soul warmth

Nov. 10th

Today I am thankful for good company. Good company can come in many different forms, from a cafeteria run-in that turns into an hour long break/laugh session, to a homemade enchilada dinner to say bye to a friend. Being in good company fills the soul with so much happiness and can make cold days and nights seem so warm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nov. 9th

Thats the sound of me breathing, thanks to Nyquil. I'm almost positive it is a gift from the gods. I have more energy today than I have had in the past week, and was even able to play a full game of volleyball!! Still not completely better, but big steps were made last night. So, today, I am oh so thankful for NYQUIL, the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffyhead, fever, so you-can-sleep-well medicine. 

Monday, November 8, 2010


Nov. 8th

Today, I am thankful for Panera Bread. Sounds lame, but I really am. It gave me a place to read that was neither my house (where I would have been utterly useless) nor the library (where it is cough and germ-a-palooza; and yes, I do know I am among those sick.) I was able to sit contently next to a sunny window, listen to music, read my crim pro, drink my black peach tea, and eat my cinnamon raisin bagel in peace. I was so content that I wasn't even concerned when I was told that my crim pro professor called on me during the class I missed. Oh well, in law school you gotta pick your battles and at least I'm not more sick from sitting a place crawling with germs, I have all my crim pro reading done for the week AND I'm full from my 1/2 chicken noodle soup, 1/2 Sierra Turkey sandwich dinner. Overall WIN. So, Thank YOU, Panera!