Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working Weekend

Nov. 21st

Today I am thankful for good roommates. I have been working allll weekend in preparation for going home, and I would have died had I been stuck at home alone. Instead, I have great roommates (and a pseudo-roommate) who make me laugh and make studying and reading not so bad afterall. 

Nov. 20th

Saturday I was thankful for good weather. Its been super nice out (50s haha) and it makes me happy. Although, I don't know how I feel about admitting that 50's is "nice", I think I've officially lived in the east coast for too long now. 

Nov. 19th.

Friday I was thankful for books. I had to buy some children's books for a baby shower, and had sooo much fun picking them out. There are so many cute ones that are out now, and of course, who can resist the oldies but goodies like Goodnight Moon? I wanted nothing more than to stay in Kramersbooks and find some good ones for me, but I was good, and went home instead. Definitely best part of my day! 

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