Saturday, November 6, 2010

The month of Thanksgiving

I recently saw a friend on facebook start listing one thing she is thankful for each day in November, and it got me thinking...maybe I should do this too. Except, not on facebook. I don't need 600 people to know my every thought. I know I am starting a few days late but eh, better late than never, right? 

Nov. 1-5th (lumping the week together because I can't remember each day individually)

I am thankful for Tea. This week has been plagued with sickness, so if it wasn't for tea I probably wouldn't have survived. 

Nov. 6th 

This one saddens me a bit, but given his untimely death this week, I have to pay tribute. I am thankful for life, and being able to watch the wonders of the waves and people like Andy Irons surf them.

    Memorial Paddle Out in Puerto Rico

"RIP AI. I can only imagine how the waves might be in the next life...
but there's no doubt that Andy is gliding across an empty face right now as he did so well"- Rob Machado

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