Friday, November 19, 2010

midweek recap

Nov. 18th

Thursday I was thankful for my students enthusiasm and participation in class. We started a unit on criminal law and juvenile justice, which they are soo excited about and really get into. One girl even brought in a news article that she found on her own and asked if we could read it talk about it! SO impressive. So, I am thankful for them, because they really made my day. 

Nov. 17th. 

Wednesday I was thankful for good tv. I finished this season of  Weeds and am glad that I have these little entertaining distractions. Next, I have to catch up with my 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family, and Glee.  i think this means I have some incentives for finals...

Also, I was very thankful that SDSU beat Gonzaga. I was up till 130 watching the game, which means I didn't go to sleep till after 2 and had 9am class the next morning. So, thank you State, because if you didn't win, I would not have been a happy camper. 

Nov. 16th. 

Tuesday I was thankful for yogurt covered pretzels. SOOOOO good. no explanation necessary, its just delish and made my day. Also, I'm thankful that I had a good registration time and was able to get the last spot in adoption law. Is it next semester yet? over this one. 

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